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Classification of Hydro Turbines

Author: Date:2012-9-11 14:53:07
Reaction Turbines
􀂄Derive power from pressure drop across turbine
􀂄Totally immersed in water
􀂄Angular & linear motion converted to shaft power
􀂄Propeller, Francis, and Kaplan turbines
􀂇Impulse Turbines
􀂄Convert kinetic energy of water jet hitting buckets
􀂄No pressure drop across turbines
􀂄Pelton, Turgo, and crossflowturbines
Schematic of Francis Turbine

Francis Turbine Cross-Section

Small Francis Turbine & Generator

Francis Turbine –Grand Coulee Dam

Fixed-Pitch Propeller Turbine

Kaplan Turbine Schematic

Kaplan Turbine Cross Section